250 days in Germany

In the first 22 years of my life, I have never been anywhere far from home. To be precise, never even been beyond the south of the country. And now here I am… 8 months in Europe, having visited 8 countries, experienced cultures totally different from what I am used to… It would not be an understatement to say it was all a life changing experience.

So what did I find different? The people, the attitudes, the landscape, everything is different, sometimes better, sometimes worse. The most important thing I learned is that if the attitudes are right, and everybody does what they are supposed to do, the whole setup just works. The foundations are similar and it is not impossible to make the setup work even in India, just that nobody is willing to make the change. Ok, I am not going to start preaching… And definitely not everything was perfect here and in a lot of things India has done much better, we just dont realize it.

On to the less serious matters… As you can see from the blog, I did travel a lot and had a lot of experiences. I had a lot of fun. Here I present my ‘Top 10’ (yeah, I can see some of you laughing ;) ) experiences in Europe…

  1. Driving in the autobahn
  2. Formula 1 at Nuerburgring
  3. Ocktoberfest
  4. The 5 days spent driving around Norway & Sweden
  5. Venice – absolutely beautiful
  6. Neuchwanstein – the fairy tale castle
  7. Berlin on a rainy day
  8. Vfb Stuffgart vs Wolfsburg – the football match live!
  9. Trekking in Oberstdorf
  10. Europa park

I was also very lucky to have a few of my close friends here with me during the whole time. Having them here, the time spent with them & the trips with them, ranks above all. What would I have done without you guys!

When this gets posted and if everything goes right, I would have already left Germany…

Auf wiedersehen, Deutschland!

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