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The Third Home

When arriving in a city we see streets in perspective. Sequences of buildings with no meaning. Everything is unknown, virgin. Later we’ll have lived in this city. We’ll have walked in its streets. We’ll have been to the end of the perspectives. We’ll have seen all the buildings. We’ll have lived stories with people. When we’ll have lived in this city, we’ll have

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The Butterfly Effect

Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?One of my favourite thought exercise is to romanticize about the chaos theory. So this other day, I was having a conversation with one of my dear friends regarding the multiple ‘what-if’s in our life line. Isn’t it incredible that random actions by random actors cause incredible repercussions to your future? Sometime

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The Problem with Choice

One fine evening, tired after the days work, I found myself seated on my couch at home lazily surfing channels on the idiot box, unable to decide what to watch. This thought I’ve had a for a long time resurfaced – Life has become so damn complicated nowadays with all the choices that we have and the small decisions we are forced to make everyday. See, around 15 years ago,

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Anna Hazare, Lokpal and the trendy Indian youth

The world seems to be filled about posts on Anna Hazare and Lokpal; maybe the last thing that you need is to read one more armchair analysis. It’s a free world though; so I need a place to write and you might not need to read this. So stop here if you think you’ve heard enough! :) First of all, I give it to Anna for clamouring this much

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2010 : Reflections

Another year has gone by and as usual it went pretty fast. I guess as you get older, time flies faster than before. One more year deposited to your nostalgia bank and one more year worth of events to memorize. 2010, though, unlike some of those nasty years before it, hasn’t been a up and down sine graph for me – instead my joys and sorrows have kept the curve

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