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The Excursion & My Birthday

On Friday we went for a class excursion. We visited the hill stations Kodaikanal and Munnar and finally the theme park 'Dream World'. It was nice to have a break from the usual monotony of college. And we had the fun of our lives! Also had a chance to get to know about my classmates. It changed my total perception about my class (in a very positive manner). We first

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Soft Drink Scare

What a shock we had yesterday! Pepsi, Coke and their other brands of soft drinks (Limca, Mirinda, Sprite, Moutain Dew, 7 UP, Fanta, Thums Up) had been found to have dangerous amounts of pesticides in them according to a study conducted by Center for Science and Environment (CSE).. And for the first time (in history?) Coke and Pepsi have come together saying that they will consider legal action. Whatever.. I'm

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Back to school

Today went back to school again. We have this cultural festival every year at school called 'La Fest'. It is an inter-school competition in various items like dance, music, drama etc. The event is totally organised by the final year students all by themselves, so that we can learn about all the aspects of conducting such events, thereby improving our organizing skills. We went there to help out our juniors

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Harry Potter - Why?

Yesterday I watched the madness surrounding the release of Harry Potter. What the hell? After all it is just a fairy tale!! I have read the first two books in the series. They are well written, enjoyable and all, but I don't think it deserves all this attention. The media seemed to be waiting to celebrate the occasion. Both the newspapers I subscribe to, had front page snaps of the

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India vs Holland

Am I seeing this?? Can't believe India is batting like this against Holland!! They have to bat way way better than this if they have to have any chance of even getting to the next round!! At the same time, I think Holland played quite well too.. Fielding was nothing short of excellent and bowling was quite tight! I'm happy for them.. I think they have a good future in

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