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Kites didn't soar

6 PM on a Sunday evening, and me and my friend, Hazer are chatting away at our usual hangout – the parking lane in between the museum and Kanakakunnu palace in Trivandrum. Not knowing what to do next, we decide on going for a movie. Now, the best part of Trivandrum city is that there are atleast 15 cinemas that you can browse through during a 2km drive. I have read

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The Slumdog Fiasco

I saw Slumdog Millionaire, many days before the hype started to engulf it. Maybe that’s the reason why I loved this film. It’s a story about love, about spirit. about determination and also a story about India. And I was happy that it won a few Oscars and happier when ARR and Resul got the recognition on the international stage they have deserved. But I hear a lot

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My favourite Robots

I am not what you call a Sci-Fi movie fanatic, but yet I do have a thing for movies with Robots in them. So here I present my list of favourite Robo movies of all time! 1. WALL-E (2008) I have rarely been impressed by any movie like I have been with WALL-E. The range of emotions and character traits portrayed by a Robot – unbelievable. Truly one of best feel

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Mallu Movie Ripoffs

I have been watching a lot of English flicks nowadays, and naturally I have spotted a few ripoffs. But most of these have been sad Bollywood remakes of brilliant movies (with exceptions off course – “Kante” vs “Reservoir Dogs”). Along the way I came across a few Malayalam movies exported from Hollywood. Well, Malayalam flicks nowadays have generally have the reputation of Hindi movies being ripped off from it thanks to

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Saturday morning. My friend and I were determined to see a movie. No tickets for anything else, so we decided to see ‘Sunshine‘. Had no idea what it was all about. Had never heard of this one before. But we badly wanted to see a movie, any movie. Before it began, I was expecting some sort of a romantic comedy, judging from the name. But the first frame told me,

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