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Malayalam slang and their origins

Malayalam has always had a history of assimilating loan words from various foreign tongues. This has been true even in some of the common everyday slang words that Malayalees use in day to day conversations. Some of the most interesting ones that caught my eye are below. Yemandan (യമണ്ടൻ) adj. unusually huge and/or powerful The name came from, believe it or not, a German warship called SMS Emden.

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My Programming Progression and the Language Block

Tech content advisory : Non-techies exercise caution reading this, maybe a bit of geek overload in here. :) Like most people (ok, geeks!) of my generation, my first tryst with programming was with BASIC. Sometime during the mid-90s my dad gave me a book on BASIC programming, which he found in some book expo he attended. During that time, I had just about barely used a computer, and I didn’t really

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