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250 days in Germany

In the first 22 years of my life, I have never been anywhere far from home. To be precise, never even been beyond the south of the country. And now here I am… 8 months in Europe, having visited 8 countries, experienced cultures totally different from what I am used to… It would not be an understatement to say it was all a life changing experience. So what did I

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Trier and a dash into Luxembourg

The main purpose of this particular trip was to meet Anu in Frankfurt. But this was possible only on a Sunday and we had a full Saturday to be planned for. After going through a list of possible points of interest, we zeroed in on Trier. This particular German city, located right at the border with Luxembourg was quite different from other places in the country. I don’t know

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Berlin & Magdeburg

Berlin – the capital. It is miles away from Stuttgart, but whats a visit to Germany without at least a peek at Berlin! Though they say there never is a bad time to visit Berlin, we certainly did find one :) . It was raining quite bad and we had to shorten our visit to just over a day and a half, due to both bad weather and bad planning. Anyway what we

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Our project team went out for this game of Eisstockschiessen last day. Eisstockschiessen? Yeah, that same expression in your face right now… I had that same weird thoughtful look too while I was reading the invitation mail. ;) Well despite the complicated name, the actual game is quite simple. It also goes by the more pronounceable name of Bavarian curling. The rules are simple, we take turns throwing and sliding a

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While it was snowing...

It snowed in Plochingen last day. I opened the window and lo! there it was like a dream, from a fairy tale. Beautiful! I walked out first with a group then again alone. It was freezing. But it was such an amazing experience that I stayed out for as long as I could. Walking alone in the night while it was snowing… I remember an ad I saw long time

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