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A drive through New Zealand - Part 1

The North Island Introduction New Zealand was always a dream destination for me and been in my bucket list for quite some time. So when a plan came up for it; it was an easy decision to say yes. The travelling party included my dear wife Sruthy and our friends Aravind, Manju, Rahul & Kalyani. We all flew in from different parts of the world and joined together in Auckland

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Kites didn't soar

6 PM on a Sunday evening, and me and my friend, Hazer are chatting away at our usual hangout – the parking lane in between the museum and Kanakakunnu palace in Trivandrum. Not knowing what to do next, we decide on going for a movie. Now, the best part of Trivandrum city is that there are atleast 15 cinemas that you can browse through during a 2km drive. I have read

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02:15 am, National Highway 63, around 15 kilometers before Hubli… A Mahindra Bolero screeched to a stand-still on the other side of the road. As we got out of the vehicle, I could see 2 burly guys in white shirts holding something that looked like a hockey stick. My skin went pale and I could feel a cold chill pass through my spine. Scared to death, but the first

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Go Goa!

Goa has been in my mind for quite a long time and each time we have planned a Goa trip; something or the other would eventually block the trip somehow. So the other day two of my colleagues Arun and Gummy (Goutam) came and asked me whether I knew any place where to get a self drive rental car to go to Goa, I joked that I’ll get them

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The authentic guide to honking in India

A few weeks ago one of my German friends, Juergen had come over to India. I spend a few days driving him around and showing him places. Well as for any foreigner, it did take a while for him to trust the way we drive – it progressed from a scary horror thriller to ‘I don’t know how, but I won’t get hurt’. One of the things he was

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